The Revolution

A Revolution is a fundamental change in the way of thinking. A radical, sudden, complete, or marked change.

Too many days I am tired. Tired of trying to be someone I am not. Tired of comparing. Tired of insecurity. Tired of trying to be the perfect wife, daughter, student, sister, and friend. Tired of holding on and not letting go. Tired of my words speaking louder than my actions. Tired of wanting a different face, better hair, and the perfect body. Tired of not completely trusting in the ONE who has given me an abundant life….the one who created ME. But even though I am weary, I AM READY. I am ready to allow Jesus to make a radical and complete change in something and that something is…… ME.

R U ready for a REVOLUTION? I am.

Who: Women Only (you don't have to be an HU college student)

What: Let’s DANCE !

Where: College Park Church, Family Life Center

When: Every Thursday at 9pm, starting February 3rd.

Our Mission: As we allow God to transform us, we want to be investing in something together. We have chosen a ministry called The Mercy House that is opening this fall in Kenya. It is a safe house for pregnant girls to choose life, study God’s word, learn a trade, and experience a transformed life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Every week we ask for a $1. Put it in our jar, your jar, a jar. Save it, pray over it, and watch it grow. It is our goal, that at the end of the semester, we will have raised $1,000 for The Mercy House. I know, together, we can do it !

The women from Huntington University are excited to start this journey together. We would love for you to join us. Check out why we dance.