About Molly

I am a student.

In my pursuit to step outside my comfort zone and allow a revolution to take place in my life, I asked my incredibly talented friend Amanda to take me on as a project this past summer and teach me how to dance. Let’s see what can happen in 13 weeks. Here we go!

My family:
Josh doesn’t close the kitchen cabinets and often leaves his dirty clothes on the floor, but I can’t imagine my life without him. He is is my husband and the only one I want.  Lily is 11 and is always up for a great debate. She has a sweet heart, a sharp mind, and a beautiful voice. She is my first born and exposed me to a love I never knew possible. She is my love. Maisy is 8 and my constant companion.  She has a tender heart, is very slow to speak, and can run like the wind. She has loved me like no other. She is my joy.

Just a few things I love A LOT (very random)………… green olives, my friends, thrift stores and garage sales, Panera, blogs, baking, listening, asking questions, Minnesota, traveling, decorating, music and hopefully soon…..dancing !

A few fun facts:
I really want to have another baby but only if I am guaranteed a girl. I am scared to death of boys…....really, I am.

I can go to a store and browse for 2 hours and not buy one thing. It drives my husband crazy. Not that he wants me to spend a lot of money, he just can’t imagine spending that much time in a store and then walk out with NOTHING?? Now if that store is Target..…that's another story ! 

No matter when I go to bed, or how hard I try, I can’t sleep past 7:30am. 

I was one of the lucky ones to hear “Molly Rainbow…..Come. On. Down.” Yes, I was a contestant on The Price Is Right.  

My husband is a pastor, therefore I am a pastor’s wife. If you want to know more about my life, my faith and my personal journey, please hop over to http://www.mollyrainbow.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for reading and thinking about being a part of the revolutionI would love for you to join us. Please feel free to share a comment, send me an email, look us up on facebook, or help me get a grip on twitter. God is working and I am excited to be a part of it. I hope you are too.  

Let the revolution begin !

i dance. will you?

email: www.idancemolly@gmail.com