About Amanda

She is my teacher.

My Family

I consider myself blessed because I get to spend my life with a man who’s creative, humorous, and always challenging me to be a better person...that would be my husband, Matt.   I think we make a darn good couple even though he's 6'3 and on a good day I am 5'1. :) We will celebrate a whopping 4 years together this August!  Last November a new little man (Eliott Benjamin George) entered my life as I became a mom for the first time.  He’s the sweetest thing I know.  Always smiling and without fail he makes our life better.

Just a few things I love A LOT ..... holding Eliott, dancing, hooded sweatshirts, eating out, fountain pop, sewing, finding a good deal on a sale rack, chatting with my sisters, family vacations, pizza, Target, green tea from Starbucks, laughing with friends, a clean kitchen and naps.

A few fun facts:

I’m a 3rd grade teacher and I’ve been teaching for 5 years.

I rarely stay awake during a movie we’ve rented to watch at home. 

Growing up, I would have given anything to be in a Janet Jackson video. 

I love to be lazy.

I just signed up for my first half-marathon…that’s right, 13.1 miles here I come!

I’m almost 31, but get mistaken for a teenager quite often.  I still haven’t decided if that’s good or bad:) 

I am not  professional dancer.  I just LOVE to dance !

Thanks so much for checking us out.  I hope you will be a part of the revolution.

i dance.  do you?

email: www.idanceamanda@gmail.com