The Dance

We dance for beauty, joy, and freedom. Gifts that God wants to give each of us. He will make beauty from ashes and send us on our way to do mighty things in His name. He will fill us with a joy we never thought possible. He will SET US FREE. I think about what my life would look like with more beauty, more joy, and more freedom? I know that it would increase my ability to love.

So we dance. For Maurine, The Mercy House…..for you…..and for me.

Our Mission: As we allow God to transform us, we want to be investing in something together. We have chosen a ministry called The Mercy House that is opening this fall in Kenya. It is a safe house for pregnant girls to choose life, study God’s word, learn a trade, and experience a transformed life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Every week we ask for a $1. Put it in our jar, your jar, a jar. Save it, pray over it, and watch it grow. It is our goal, that at the end of the semester, we will have raised $1,000 for The Mercy House. I know, together, we can do it !

Are you ready for a REVOLUTION?

i dance. do you?

**We have 13 dance lessons to complete the song. A new lesson will be posted each Friday, so if you are not with us for the lesson, you can watch and learn it on your own or with some friends !**